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For Parents Baffled by Their Teenagers:
Real Life Guidance to Understanding Your Teen

As the parent of a teenager, I don't have to tell you how hard it can be to get into the mind of your child and try to figure out what's going on in there.  It can be downright exhausting, physically and mentally. 

No longer a child, but not yet an adult ready to take on the world, (even though he or she may believe just the opposite) your teen is experiencing many different things right now.  As the parent of a teen, you know this time in your child's life is extremely crucial to their development. 

And everyone had you believing the first few years were the hardest.  You know now that the Terrible Two's don't hold a candle to the teen years, do they? :-) But there is hope...

In This Instantly Downloadable Real Life Guidance Report, You'll Discover...

With the 'Real Life Guidance to Understanding Your Teen' report you'll find out that understanding your teen doesn't have to be as difficult as it sometimes seems! 

Here's just a bit of what you'll find inside:

Why There Are Some Things You CAN'T Control - Controlling them doesn't mean you can't work on those things and help your child through them (pg. 6).

Why Your Teen Has Those Lovely Mood Swings - Learn why they act like they are two different people from one minute to the next (pg. 7).

Tips for Dealing With Your Teen's Moodiness - You'll find out how you can make it easier on your teen to handle those "snap of the finger" mood changes (pg. 8).

Find Out When You Should Seek Professional Help for Your Teen - Most of the ups and downs with teens are perfectly normal (even if they don't feel like it!), but this section includes practical advice on deciding when your teenager might need professional help (pg. 12).

Why You Must Keep The Lines of Communication Open - Even when you're teen says they don't want talk, you still have to be available to them (pg. 13).

Suggestions for Opening Up Those Lines of Communication - Suggestions for keeping the lines of communication open with your teen, so you're there when they need you, even if they don't know they do (pg. 14).

The Parenting My Teen Oath: Important guidelines for parents like you who want only the best for your children. The 10 easy-to-follow guidelines will help make sure you stay on course to an open relationship with your teenager.

About the Author:
Your Certified Life Coach, Aurelia Williams

Aurelia Williams

Aurelia is a certified life coach who received her Personal Life Coaching Certification from Coach Training Alliance and is accredited by the International Coach Federation. She is also the host of the popular Parenting My Teen Internet Radio program.

The creation of the the affordable "Real Life Guidance" collection has given her the opportunity to fulfill her lifelong dream of helping more women find a healthy balance between work, family and self.

As a work-at-home mother of 3 herself (plus raising her own brother), she knows exactly what it's like to juggle all the daily responsibilities without losing sanity. This guide will show you exactly who to do that too.

Here's some feedback about Understanding Your Teen:

"Gets Right To The HEART of Those Issues That Are So Difficult for Parents To Deal With"

"Aurelia, I just finished reading your Real Life Guidance Report on Understanding Your Teen and I have to tell you, I think you did a wonderful job of presenting such valuable information to parents of teens. Your report gets right to the heart of many of those issues that are so difficult for parents to deal with...no fluff, just good, solid information that parents can start to use immediately.

You know I spent many years teaching high school students and naturally I saw many heartbreaking situations in which both parents and their teens were hurting. I encountered some of those situations myself raising my own two sons. Your report can definitely help parents facing those same situations now. It is a must read for any parent of a teen or preteen.

To me, one of the most valuable sections is the one on understanding WHY your teens have mood swings and the tips you give for dealing with those mood swings. What parent can't use help with that!

And the section where you discuss when to seek professional help is EXCELLENT...again every parent should know the warning signs and signals to look for.

All this for only $7...the list of extra resources you provide is well worth that by itself!!

Thank you for providing such valuable information at such an affordable cost to help parents of teens. I look forward to your future Real Life Guidance Reports."

Linda Hinkle


At an easy-to-digest 21 pages (perfect for moms big on love for their teens, but short on time), you can quickly put these suggestions into action. But if you need a little more help...

Your Report Comes with the Following Extras:


Bonus #1: Independence Boot Camp

15-page report on all the basic skills your teen needs to live on his own down the road. This includes being able to do laundry, plan and cook a balanced meal, take care of the car, as well as basic household chores and how to deal with money.

Also included
:  A menu planning sheet and a shopping list.

Valued at $24.99, you get it free with your purchase!


Bonus #2: Solving Conflicts With Your Teen Audio & Handouts

Nine Easy Steps to Solve Conflicts with your Teen 
Can solving conflicts with your teen be easier than baking a cake?  When you 
follow the nine steps explained in this live recorded audio workshop, you
will decrease your conflicts by at least 50%!  

Valued at $9.99, you get it free with your purchase!



Bonus #3: Keeping The Balance

Contrary to popular belief, you can be friends 
with your teen and still raise them to be happy, 
respectful adults! 

Valued at $9.99, it's included with your purchase!



Ready to discover how you can finally STOP the rollercoaster and start understanding YOUR teen? You can Instantly access everything immediately after your purchase (it doesn't matter what time of day or night it is)...

And Rest-assured That You're Completely Covered by
My 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee:

If for whatever reason, you're not completely satisfied with your copy of this Real Life Guidance Special Report, I will gladly refund your money, no questions asked.


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  • 21-page "Real Life Guidance to Understanding Your Teen" Report that will show you how to connect with and understand your teen.

  • Independence Bootcamp: Prepares your teen for independent adult life. (Value $24.99)

  • Solving Conflicts with Your Teen: Audio recording and handouts to help you minimize conflicts with your teen. (Value $9.99)

  • Keeping the Balance shows you how to retain your role as a parent and authority figure, but allows you to be friends with your teenager as well. (Value $9.99)

And I also understand that I am fully protected by your no-questions-asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee . . . 



I have no doubt you (and your teen) will be thrilled you made the decision to really get to the bottom of understanding your teen.  Once you do I know you'll have a happier, less stressful, stronger relationship! 

Here's to Creating a Strong, Loving and Understanding Relationship With Your Teen,

Aurelia Williams  
Aurelia Williams 

Aurelia Williams
Certified Life Coach & Host of Parenting My Teen Radio

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