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Forget Perfection, Opt for Happiness Instead:
Real Life Guidance to Getting out of the Super Mom Trap

As a mother, you want your family to feel loved, happy, and free from worries. So of course you take on extra work and responsibilities, doing everything within your means to make your family's life easier.

But an overburdened mom is more likely to
engage in unhealthy behaviors such as comfort eating, poor diet choices, smoking, insomnia, and inactivity to help her deal with stress.

did you know...your children learn how to deal with stress the same way you do.

As a role model for your children, they look to you for answers and guidance, and if that means eating a tub of ice cream or yelling and screaming to relieve tension, then by golly if mom's doing it, it must be okay.

You see, you and I both know that this isn't a good way to handle things, but when we get bogged down in daily life and feel stretched to the limits, it's only natural that we blow off steam in some way. Unfortunately, the family that we work so hard to nurture and care for ends up getting caught in the cross fire and ultimately everyone suffers. But there is hope...

In This Instantly Downloadable Real Life Guidance Report, You'll Discover...

The 'Real Life Guidance To: Getting Out Of The Super Mom Trap' report shows you how to implement real life strategies into your life. You'll receive help to overcome the situations that cause you to feel like stressed, overwhelmed, and, most likely, under appreciated, so that you put an end to the Super Mom Syndrome.

Here's A Sneak Peek Of What You'll Find Inside:

Understanding what the Super Mom Trap is and knowing when you're stuck in the middle of it. Take heart, you are not alone. (pg. 5)

A Mom's must-have skill - saying "No". Stop doing and being everything to everyone and start saying "No" without the guilt. (pg. 8)

 Real life success stories from moms like you. Learn how real moms are breaking free from the super mom trap with our help, and discover how you can do the same. (pg. 9)

Getting organized for better time management. Getting your family used to and happy to work with a family calendar, chore chart, meal planning and more. (pg. 11)

The facts about food, exercise and your stress levels. You don't have to run marathons or go on a strict diet. Learn some simple habits you can incorporate into your daily life for dramatically reduced stress. (pg. 17)

Taking care of yourself...yes, it's REALLY okay to do that. Find out how you can kick stress through relaxation. (pg. 20)

Getting Started & Keeping the Momentum - Final thoughts and resources to ensure the changes you make today will be long lasting and help ensure you stay out of the Super Mom Trap. (pg. 26)

About the Author:
Your Certified Life Coach, Aurelia Williams

Aurelia Williams

Aurelia is a certified life coach who received her Personal Life Coaching Certification from Coach Training Alliance and is accredited by the International Coach Federation.

The creation of the the affordable "Real Life Guidance" collection has given her the opportunity to fulfill her lifelong dream of helping more women find a healthy balance between work, family and self.

As a work-at-home mother of 3 herself (plus raising her own brother), she knows exactly what it's like to juggle all the daily responsibilities without losing sanity. This guide will show you exactly who to do that too.

Here's some feedback from one of my readers:

No-Nonsense Advice"

"Aurelia's wisdom and insight strike right to the heart of the matter. Her practical, no-nonsense approach encourages us to dig a little deeper and discover what is truly hindering us in life - and then gives us simple, step-by-step instructions for changing it."

Wendy Betterini
Wings for the Heart

At an easy-to-digest 29 pages (perfect for moms short on time), you can quickly put these suggestions into action. But if you need a little more help...

Your Report Comes with the Following Great Extra:

Bonus: Stress Less Audio

Enjoy your family time more when you are no longer worried about the things you think you should be doing instead! Remember, nothing is more important than your children's well being! A 25-minute audio focusing on how to reduce the stress in your life. You'll discover exactly what stress is, why some stress is good and tips for reducing the negative stress in your life.

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Instantly access everything immediately after your purchase (it doesn't matter what time of day or night it is)...

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I have no doubt that once you learn how to get out of The Super Mom Trap, you'll be living a life that has less stress, more relaxation, and is completely guilt-free.

Best Wishes,

Aurelia Williams  
Aurelia Williams 
Aurelia Williams
Certified Life Coach & Your Partner In Real Life Success!

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