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Mom, Quit Running Yourself Ragged:
Take the Journey to Joy Instead.

Are you tired of being superwoman and caring for everyone else but yourself?

Is your lack of self confidence affecting the way you view life?

Are you ready to make small changes that can have a lasting positive impact on your life?

Are you ready to find time in your busy day to pamper yourself?

Would you like a friend to guide you along your path of self-discovery, providing support
and tips along the way?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are
ready to take a much-needed and deserved...

Journey to Joy

As women and mothers, we play many different roles and most of us don't take the time off that we deserve. Everyone deserves some quiet time away from the family and our everyday responsibilities. Isn't it time that you invest in yourself? Do you know that you are worth it, right?

Just think about the course of your day: you play doctor, cook, chauffeur, teacher, lawyer, and the occasional referee as well.

Why is it you can remember the last time you did a load of laundry, the last time your children fought, and the last time your little ones did some artwork on the wall (smile) but you CAN’T remember the last time you took time out for yourself to concentrate on adding more joy into your life?

In this NEW edition of Journey To Joy: Simple Tips, Resources and Tools for Living a Happier Life, author and life coach Aurelia Williams discusses many topics and obstacles that face all women today.

This 46-page Report Complete with Easy-to-Follow Action Steps Includes:

Learning to be good to yourself. It seems simple enough, but through all the daily tasks and pressures, it's an easy concept to forget. (pg. 5)

Easy-to-apply action steps for self-care. Incorporate these 5 suggestions into your daily life and you'll quickly find the stress begins to melt away. (pg. 6)

Getting rid of negative thoughts. Simple exercises and steps to follow for a more positive outlook on just about everything. (pg. 8)

Why failure is an illusion. Learn how to try new things without fear and practical action steps to eliminate any fear of failure you may harbor. (pg. 11)

Staying focused and avoiding all of life's little distractions. Action steps to ensure you can accomplish what you set out to in a given day, with minimal surprises and stress. (pg. 13)

Breaking bad habits...now. We all fall into little traps of doing things we shouldn't do. Follow these steps to break your bad habits. (pg. 14)

Eliminating that pesky "Mommy Guilt". A happy mom means a happy family. Learn how to care for yourself and ensure the best for your family at the same time. (pg. 16)

Curbing procrastination. With all you have to do, it's no wonder that many things get left until later. This guide shows you how to get rid of procrastination and get things done. (pg. 20)

Easy self-esteem boosters. If we're in a rut, it's hard to feel good about ourselves. This guide includes practical solutions for boosting your self-esteem.  (pg. 22)

Pulling yourself out of any rut. You got in there, but that doesn't mean you can't get out. Follow these action steps and feel better immediately. (pg. 27)

Small things mean a lot. Even if you're schedule is packed, there are plenty of small things you can incorporate into your day to reduce stress and feel ready to tackle it all. (pg. 31)

Finding the right balance in your life. The juggling act moms face each day isn't always easy. Use these tips to achieve the balance that will satisfy everyone in your life. (pg. 32)

Making the most of your time. Eliminating time-wasters, so you can get those things that matter done each day. (pg. 35)

Stress reduction. If you've been following the steps thus far, you'll have already dramatically reduced your stress levels...but this guide even has more suggestions to ease any lingering stress. (pg. 38)

Additional resources to ensure you stay on track. If you find you need more help in any particular area, this guide includes a large library of additional resources. (pg. 41)

About the Author:
Your Certified Life Coach, Aurelia Williams

Aurelia Williams

Aurelia is a certified life coach who received her Personal Life Coaching Certification from Coach Training Alliance and is accredited by the International Coach Federation.

The creation of the the affordable "Real Life Guidance" collection has given her the opportunity to fulfill her lifelong dream of helping more women find a healthy balance between work, family and self.

As a work-at-home mother of 3 herself (plus raising her own brother), she knows exactly what it's like to juggle all the daily responsibilities without losing sanity. This guide will show you exactly how to do that too.

What Others Are Saying About Journey To Joy:

Practical, No-Nonsense Advice

"Aurelia's wisdom and insight strike right to the heart of the matter. Her practical, no-nonsense approach encourages us to dig a little deeper and discover what is truly hindering us in life - and then gives us simple, step-by-step instructions for changing it."

 Wendy Betterini, Wings for the Heart

A Breath of Fresh Air

"Aurelia's ebook, Journey to Joy is like a breath of fresh air, and has opened my eyes and made me realize how I really want to live my life...organized, focused and positive. Her action steps are exactly what I needed to truly focus and change my outlook on my business and home life. I can't recommend this ebook enough, thanks Aurelia!"

 Stefanie Fauquet, Work At Home Mom Online.com

Give it as a Gift to a Friend in Need

"This ebook is full of good advice from a wise, loving friend you can come back to again and again. It's a great tool if you are feeling stuck in negativity & self doubt and need a pep talk, a booster shot of self-esteem, and some actions steps to get you on the right path to feeling good again. It makes a great gift for a friend who feeling stuck or down-in-the-dumps about her life."

Sarah Zeldman, www.SolutionsForBusyMoms.com

This report is an easy-to-digest 46 pages (perfect for busy moms like you), so you can quickly put these suggestions into action. But if you need a little more help...

Your Journey to Joy Guide Comes with the Following Extras:

You Deserve a Break Report: 15 different ways to take a break, anytime.

Me Time Audio: A 25-minute recording to easily incorporate me-time into your life.

Stress Less Audio: Getting rid of the negative stress in your life. In just 25 short minutes, you'll have the practical tools to feel a whole lot better.

Balancing Your Life Audio: This 60-minute recording with help on time management, how to boost your self-esteem, and guilt-free self-care. Full transcripts of this recording are included.

Isn't it time you started dancing? If you are ready to unearth a more balanced you, Journey To Joy is your ultimate resource.

Instantly access everything immediately after your purchase (it doesn't matter what time of day or night it is)...

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  • You Deserve a Break Report: 15 different ways to take a break, anytime.

  • Me Time Audio: A 25-minute recording to easily incorporate me-time into your life.

  • Stress Less Audio: Getting rid of the negative stress in your life.

  • Balancing Your Life Audio + Transcripts: Help with time management, how to boost your self-esteem, and guilt-free self-care.

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Aurelia Williams 
Aurelia Williams
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