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For a limited time only, the newly released Real Life Guidance to Teen Depression and Anger report is FREE with any purchase from our collection of Real Life Guides. Why is it free? Often times, teen's emotions may become so extreme that parents are unaware of how to diffuse the situation. For this reason, I want to reach as many parents as possible, arming them with this most important parenting guide.

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Being a mom is certainly one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but when you add all the other roles you play on a daily basis (career woman, wife, cook, chauffeur, teacher and the list goes on and on...), things can become a bit overwhelming.

The good news is that you're not alone and help is here for you. Through our collection of Real Life Guides, you can find many of the answers you need to help you with all the bumps in the road.

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The 'Real Life Guidance Report to Coping With Teen Depression and Anger' explains the warning signs of depression and anger and shows you how to  help your teen overcome those strong emotions. Filled with practical advice and an entire section on local and national resources, this is a must have for all parents.

Free For a limited time with a purchase of any of the guides below


Schools Out! Plan for The Perfect Teen Summer - If you are ready to discover how you can help your pre-teen or teen make it through summer by staying productive and out of trouble, this is for you. This package is equipped with a 10 Week Summer Action plan, 5 expert audio interviews, special reports and more

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The 'Real Life Guidance Report: Getting Out of the Super Mom Trap' offers parenting help and shows you how to overcome the situations that cause you to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and, most likely, under appreciated, so that you put an end to the Super Mom Syndrome

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The 'Real Life Guidance Report to Helping Your Teen With High School' offers parenting help and shows you how to help your teen deal with the pressures of high school and also help them to be more independent!

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The 'Real Life Guidance Report to Balancing Work and Family' shows you how you can balance your work and family time without losing yourself in the process.  

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The 'Real Life Guidance Report to Finding More Family Time'  shows you how you can free up more time for your family!  Time that will carry your child into adulthood. 

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If it seems like the older they get, the harder it is to understand what goes on in their mind, have no fear...

The 'Real Life Guidance Guide to Understanding Your Teen' report is now available to offer parenting help and  help solve the mysteries in understanding your teen. 

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The Journey To Joy Guide offers simple tips, resources and tools for living a happier life. This guide will show you how to get back the joy in your life with easy-to-follow advice and practical action steps.

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